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Step up to the BEat and catapult your wellbeing.

upbeat life

Life is full of steps. Some are big, some are small, but none are as spirited as these. We believe wellBEing is much more than movement. It’s mindset. It’s nutrition. And it’s about having a supportive tribe behind you. This is the upBEat life difference.

BE happy. BE active. BE you.

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Free Workouts

Get a taste of what it’s like to whittle your waist line and raise your vibrations with our FREE workout videos. If you want a gentle intro-step-tion, then your upBEat journey begins here.


Step up to the plate with our tried and tested favourites. Take inspiration from our community of superstars and the very same goodies in our own fridges with curated recipes and tips to help you make better choices.

Mind + Body

It’s all about small steps to BIG change! With our simple approach, you’ll learn how to think more vibrantly for a better, happier you - even after the sweat has stopped.


Good health is steeped in community, and ours is one of the liveliest! We've highlighted inspiring success stories from our upBEat Tribe members as we celebrate their scale and non-scale victories. Your'e not meant to do this alone. Become part of our upBEat Tribe!

dvds & digital

Bring us home, or wherever you are, with our DVDs or streaming digital downloads. From Latin to disco, let our high-energy beats get you stepping to the rhythm for low-impact walking workouts that suit you! Whole body conditioning, a quick sweat, or pumping through those 5000 steps - sweat it out, step it out.


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'LEVEL UP' by Ciara // HIGH IMPACT 'Dance Up To The Beat' 🔥

'LEVEL UP' by Ciara // HIGH IMPACT 'Dance Up To The Beat' 🔥

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