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Managing Pain Through Dance

Angela describes her crippling psoriatic arthritis as a “constant war raging” in her body. The mother of two’s chronic pain makes most activities unbearable, leaving her exhausted and disheartened – that was until she discovered Smile & Sway. 

Smile & Sway is a unique chair-based, low-impact workout DVD with ballroom and latin dancing flare. Gina B created this workout which aims to make exercise fun and accessible to all. 

After years of repetitive physiotherapy activities to keep active, the program has changed Angela’ outlook on exercise. “Smile & Sway is a little bit of exercise, a little bit of dancing and a little bit of get up and go without having to get up and go anywhere,” Angela explains. “Physically, I can say that the program keeps me moving. It gets my blood pumping, it is good for my circulation and my joints get some mobility without putting any stress on them. It really is good for the heart and soul!”

However, Angela isn’t the only one in her household doing the workout! “I do some of the routines with my daughter Stephanie and we love it … it’s valuable bonding time!”. Stephanie suffers from CHARGE syndrome – a rare genetic disorder which embraces a wide range of disabilities including impaired hearing, vision and heart abnormalities.

“The great thing about is that we can do it as much or as little as we need,” says Angela. “If we’re having a good week, we might do it three or four times that week and if we are feeling bad we might just do the parts that we can manage. Most importantly anyone can do it!”

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