Up to the BEat Fitness

Want to know which workout is right for you? We’ve put together a sweat scale to help you choose!

  • 1 drop = fun, easy beat to get your body moving and start working up a sweat
  • 2 drops = an energetic beat to get those calories burning
  • 3 drops = our vibrant tempo to get your best sweat

Dance That Walk

The easiest way to incorporate your 5000 daily steps in a walking workout is to always keep one foot on the floor. Keep your upper body, lower body and core engaged with a low-intensity walking base intertwined with 4 easy dance moves perfectly pulsed to the beat.
  • Our easiest low-impact walking workout

  • No equipment, just you and your smile

  • 5000 steps danced to the BEat in 45 minutes

Dance That Walk | Cardio Party

Turn up the music with our sizzling 10,000 step (2 x disc work-out) cardio party! Shimmy and stride your way through 45-minutes each of Latin fiesta or disco fever to ignite each movement. No learning, just sweating.
  • Easy and fun low-impact walking workout

  • Move to fiery latin and groovy disco beats

  • Love the skin you’re in and feel great

Dance That Walk | 10 Minute Latin Energy Walkouts

In a hurry or in a hotel, our 10-minute Latin Energy Walking Workout combines high-tempo beats with easy-to-follow movements to have you feeling the heat. Choose from 4 easy dance moves. Cha cha cha, merengue, flamenco or sexy salsa - so you can sizzle whenever it suits!
  • Choose a single workout, or step into all four

  • Perfect when you need to squeeze in the sweat

  • Take the work out of workout - enjoy the dance!

Dance That Walk | Total Body Circuit

A unique, high-energy workout program that blends the sculpting and toning benefits of resistance exercise with the fat-shredding and core strengthening benefits of dancing. Walk yourself fit and fabulous!
  • 3 x workouts in one DVD: lower body, upper body, or step up to your best sweat with both

  • Perfect for blasting calories and toning muscle

  • Safe, low-impact muscle moves to keep you free from injury

Smile And Sway | Seated Workout

Keeping active is essential for our health and wellbeing - but, for some of us, whether it’s injury, or disability being physical on our feet just isn’t possible. Holding the firm belief that nothing should stop you from living your most upBEat life, get ready to move to the BEats of samba, foxtrot, cha cha cha and more in this 45-minute seated, low-impact workout.
  • Perfect for those who may be wheelchair-bound, or those unable to workout on their feet

  • Easy on the joints, but still a sizzling, fun workout

  • Ideal for the sufferers of chronic disease or injured movers